The virtual inside sales engine.

Meet Purple Demand.

We help tech vendors and their channels hit mid-market sales targets.

Just a great job.

We’re tech-savvy sales specialists.

We only take on work that will deliver quality appointments and solid leads.

Concentrated. Not diluted.

We don’t pretend to know everything.

We just sell storage, virtualisation, cloud services and security.

Bend me, shape me.

We’re not rigid.

We don’t lock you into long engagements. We can be as flexible as you need.

Been there, done that.

Let’s do it again.

Proven, repeatable process. Ethical governance. Pride in our technology choice.

It’s rocket science!

No it isn’t. It’s about knowing what works, and doing it very, very well indeed. Find out about the Purple Lead Engine.

Information on demand

We can plug directly into your own CRM system or deliver instant, reliable data using renowned Leadmaster technology that’s tailor-made for channel campaigns.

Part of the team

Our people are experienced sales specialists. They’re experts at keeping customers and prospects close to you without you needing more inside sales staff.

No data leakage

Your data’s guaranteed watertight. We NEVER share information with others. An ethical telemarketing company? Wonders will never cease.

Company overview

Purple Demand helps tech vendors and their channels hit mid-market sales targets. We specialise in storage, virtualisation, cloud services and security.

We’re a virtual inside sales engine that generates sales-qualified appointments, discovers new leads, and nurtures long-term prospects. We keep your account managers and channel fed with a steady stream of primed opportunities.

We’re commercially savvy, technology literate and channel-friendly. We navigate through organisations to create meaningful dialogues with the right people – from CIO to procurement.

We achieve results through rigorous process, cast-iron technology and – most importantly – by employing the best telephone sales specialists in the business. Purple people are fun, flexible and incentivised by results. We only commit when we know we can do a great job.

Managed demand creation at a glance

  • Prospect discovery
  • Project identification
  • Solution mapping
  • Event recruitment
  • Tactical campaigns
  • More…
  • Marketing automation
  • Drip marketing
  • Lead nurture tracks
  • Lead analytics
  • Channel programme management
  • Interactive lead tracking and closure
  • More…
  • Detailed lead sheets
  • Conversation transcripts
  • Internal QA before handover
  • Briefings for your salespeople
  • Keeping the sales pipeline scheduled
  • More…
  • Data sourcing
  • Data cleansing
  • Data enrichment
  • Secure data handling
  • More…

Purple Demand. Selling with a difference.
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