Lead management technology

Use your CRM or easily access our powerful tools

11Over the years we’ve worked with pretty well every contact management and CRM system ever developed.

Whatever you throw at us (Salesforce.com, or ACT! for example) we can handle, and we can give you data back in a format that’s ready to be sucked straight back in with no fuss.

If you don’t have a CRM tool, there are lots of systems out there. We carried out a thorough investigation when we set up Purple Demand, and we’re firmly behind LeadMaster because it delivers the right functionality at by far the lowest cost-per-user of any comparable system – typically around £40/user/month.

LeadMaster provides the kind of lead tracking oversight that keeps prospects in view as they proceed through the lead management / sales cycle. With LeadMaster you can easily manage hundreds, or even thousands of leads. The system provides access to a personalised online portal where leads from many different sources (email, landing pages, webinars, inside sales, telemarketing, web forms, trade shows, direct mail etc.) can easily be entered (usually automatically) and consolidated into one easily-accessible system.

Because LeadMaster is a cloud solution, information can be accessed from any authorised representative (including channel partners) 24×7, from any web enabled device.