Virtual inside sales specialists

On-demand technology sales expertise

Purple people are fun, flexible and easy to work with. Each of them has a minimum of three years’ experience at the sharp end. They enjoy what they do, and the results speak for themselves.

Our sales specialists are people we’ve known and worked with for years. We know they’re trustworthy, principled and work well with our clients. After all, they’ll not only be representing you – they’re ambassadors for our own standards and brand.

We operate with dedicated campaign teams, with each individual selected and trained to be capable of representing your brand professionally. It’s a world away from the double-glazing salesman approach used by so many would-be IT telemarketing firms.

We listen, we interpret, and we apply our knowledge of markets and products to position your solution accurately and favourably at the earliest opportunity. That might not be on a first call if it’s a longer-term nurturing programme, but it’ll happen as soon as it can.

Purple people are trained to take every chance to close appointments and meetings. If there’s an engagement to be had, you’ll get it from us.

Purple people are incentivised by results. And they get a kick out of being winners.