Data management

Get to know more about customers and prospects

Had bad experiences with telemarketing firms passing on your data? So have we. We NEVER share your information with others. Our reputation for ethical client engagement depends on it.

High quality opportunities depend on accurate – and relevant – underlying contact information. That’s why quality of data such a high priority for us. We profile, cleanse, enrich and append additional information (e.g. email addresses). We source new lists from respected suppliers whose integrity we know and trust, and shape it to your campaign needs.

And we ensure everything remains secure and compliant, with no risk of leakage outside the business – or to other channel partners.

Managing data quality

Our people are experienced at rapidly and efficiently gathering information to profile existing and prospective customers. We also provide a full outsourced data management service, to ensure your customer and prospect data is kept up-to-date.

Beside collecting address and telephone information about the people you want to contact, we are also highly experienced in determining email addresses. This can be of particular benefit if you need to reach very large numbers of customers – for example, to inform them or upgrades and support for existing products.

Security and compliance

All data held by Purple Demand is protected in LeadMaster’s secure environment, and we’ve put in place rigorous controls to ensure that that confidentiality and security are maintained in any engagement.

LeadMaster runs in a 24×7 HA environment that is PCI Level 4 compliant, with all data backed up daily. It has the strongest browser encryption available through 128-bit SSL data encryption in order to protect client data transmitted to and from the system via the internet. A signed security certificate ensures that confidential information cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. LeadMaster controls access to each client database, with custom user security permissions defined in a security matrix. User activity within the system is logged to provide clients with an audit trail if the need arises.

Any data supplied to, or collected on behalf of, clients by Purple Demand remains the property of – and is only used to further the interests of – that client. Naturally, we comply with relevant data protection legislation.

Data analytics

LeadMaster suggests that real-time analysis of marketing campaign ROI is a best practice – and we agree. Using pre-defined success criteria, Purple Demand can make in-progress corrections should a marketing campaign not be achieving the results expected.

Those criteria typically include total revenue, upsell revenue, percentage increase in revenue or percentage of new customers, and we score the success of each campaign against them. For example, if analysis determines that an e-mail message isn’t being opened, either the message or target audience needs reviewing.

Tech firms are always under pressure to justify marketing expenditure. Knowing that a campaign generated has a certain number of ‘leads’ is interesting, but it doesn’t help justify the campaign expense. With LeadMaster you’ll know how much revenue was generated by each of your campaigns as it has built-in data analytics that enable you to determine what’s been most effective.