Lead hand-off and progression

Closing the loop with your sales team

We’ll arm your salespeople with everything they need for a positive, productive outcome.

At Purple Demand we pride ourselves in ensuring that we capture as much detail as possible into our lead sheets. In effect they are transcripts of the discussion between a prospect and a Purple person. Once written up, the lead sheets are sent to our internal Quality Assurance team who make sure they’re reflective of the conversation.

Once our clients have matched the lead with the salesperson in their organisation who is best suited to follow up each opportunity, we set up a call with that person to talk them through the opportunity. For example, we share the call to action expected by the prospect and what the salesperson should expect when they make contact. By providing as much information as possible we ensure a successful next action and engagement.


If the next planned action does not happen for any reason, the Purple Demand team are on hand to get in touch with the prospect and reschedule the planned activity – perhaps a call has been missed, or the prospect’s availability has changed. Whatever it takes, we’re there to help maximise the chances of a successful conclusion.

We care about what happens to each and every lead. We share responsibility for moving them through the sales pipeline, so that it is as easy as possible for a salesperson and a prospective new customer to have a productive and positive outcome.