Lead nurturing

Tap into real world buying cycles

Too many lead management programmes fail because poor leads disappear into a ‘black hole’.

The answer? Don’t try to make sales people follow up on poor leads. Instead, increase the prospect’s propensity to buy by learning about them, drip-feeding relevant information, understanding their problems and contacting them regularly.

Lead nurturing builds relationships with prospects who aren’t ready to convert to customers. For most companies this represents the majority of their sales leads, so it’s essential to stay on their radar. But sending correspondence using traditional email or direct mail can be time-consuming and costly. The goal is to keep those prospects informed for as little cost as possible. That’s where marketing automation comes into play.

Your CRM system may already have the functionality that’s needed. Otherwise, we’ve run extensive and robust programmes using the LeadMaster sales CRM system. When we get a new lead, if the prospect isn’t ready to buy we simply add them to a pre-defined lead nurturing track or start a new track.

It’s fast, easy and it works.

Automated lead nurturing

There are to aspects to automating the nurture process.

  • Internal system that reminds sales specialists when and how to follow up with prospects
  • External communications with prospects to maintain regular contact until they are ready to move forward with a sale

A good CRM system addresses both functions. It helps rescue and recover leads that never receive follow-up from sales simply because they’re not ready to buy now. The goal of the lead nurturing process is to understand the status of each prospect and determine the best path to move them forward in the sales process.

By automating marketing functions like drip marketing, email marketing, surveys, newsletters and callback prompts, Purple Demand provides tracking and ROI reporting for marketing campaigns. Using LeadMaster, we also help with market segmentation, a key ingredient in targeting the right market for your message.

Whenever someone enters their contact information on one of your landing pages or your website inquiry form our LeadMaster system will capture that information for use with a drip marketing campaign. The data goes into an automated scheduling system that sends them personalised emails, with timing of the messages customised to target specific needs and interests.

Who gets to see what?

Another advantage of Purple Demand’s LeadMaster implementation is the ability to provide a consolidated view of all leads supplied to an organisation, a sales manager or an individual, filtered by campaign. LeadMaster is delivered on a SaaS basis, and can even carry the client organisation’s own branding.

That makes it ideal for channel campaigns. For example, leads can be distributed between different resellers, enabling improved monitoring of reseller effectiveness and reward.

Come on. Let’s get nurturing.