The Purple Lead Engine

Fire it up and get your sales moving

Purple Demand lead generation engineIf there was a genuine lack of potential clients, we’d all be out of business. But they’re out there somewhere – and what’s really needed is a way of finding and engaging them.

You may already have an excellent and efficient process. You may already have CRM software that’s delivering against its promise. That’s fine – we can work with that! We’re not going to add complexity to the way you do things. Our virtual inside sales specialists are happy to fit in around you.

But if you do want to benchmark your approach and compare it with our proven process and automation model, allow us to introduce the Purple Lead Engine,

What it does

Every business has information on its clients, but it’s often scattered among disconnected databases, personal emails, and spreadsheets. There are event registrations, contact details from marketing campaigns and more. Not to mention completely cold prospects (don’t worry – we can obtain quality contact lists too).

This is the raw material that drives the Purple Lead Engine. First, we get our experts on the case, sourcing, importing, de-duping and rationalising raw information. Then we look at your target markets, honing down the prospects with most chance of success.

We add in market intelligence from many sources, including published data, Linkedin profiles and more. And as we go through our call programme we cleanse and enrich your data, providing fresh insight that will help you close deals.

Not every prospect wants a meeting at the outset, so they go back into the system, to be nurtured over the medium or long term. Leads are scored and rated. And, when a prospect is ready, fully-qualified and eager to talk, your sales team is armed with all the details.

Using your technology or ours, you’ll get solid closed-loop reporting and analytics to help you measure ROI.

Like we say, it’s not rocket science. We’re just very, very good at making the Purple Lead Engine work.